Formal Dates with Hubby

Date #1: Love is Blind (Season 3)

Hello Sweetheart,

Can I just say that you’ve always been so sweet and accommodating with my desire to watch reality TV? Though you are a sci-fi kind of guy, (and yes, admittedly you got me really into the Marvel movies and Star Wars), you have been so understanding and patient as we have watched reality show after reality show. So, tonight was no different as we carried on this tradition together by watching the first episode of “Love is Blind” season 3.

Darling, do you remember when our love was “blind”? We met on the MMORPG “Guild Wars 2” and I was unsure about you at first because your character was a GIRL! (lol!) That still makes me chuckle. You finally changed your character to be a guy after I said that I wanted to see you design a male character. And thus, Captain Taliron Quinn was born. In many ways, like the contestants on this show, our love was blind at first. We spoke online for several months before we began talking on the phone. Do you remember that first night when we spoke on the phone? I know I do!

We finally got the courage to exchange phone numbers and you wanted me to call you. Oh, how my heart was racing! I remember having sweaty palms as I dialed your phone number because I had no idea what your voice was going to sound like. I wondered if you would like the way my voice sounded too. Then I heard your soft, melodic voice on the other end of the line. “Hello…” you answered and for a moment I paused. Your voice has always sounded sexy to me…. even to this day, babe. “Er, hey!” I squeaked and let out a nervous giggle.

Suddenly I heard a thud. Then a tumble, followed by, “oh s**t!”. (Little did I know, but you had dropped the phone because you were so surprised at how hot you thought my voice was!).

“Are you there??” you asked nervously as you scrambled for the phone. We ended up talking for hours. Our conversations have always flowed so seamlessly. Those easy conversations and the ability to talk and dive deep together is what has sustained us over these past 10 years.

Sweetheart, I know things are different now. Now we talk to each other from here… and from heaven. I pour my heart out to you and fall into a deep state of meditation to hear bits and pieces from you from above. But what you don’t realize, my love, is that those bits and pieces mean the world to me. You see, for the past 10 years we have been spoiled in the ability to talk all day long. You and I have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to resolve a disagreement, make up with passionate intimacy, and then fall asleep in each others’ arms. We have spoken on Discord while you are at work (shhh! 😉 ) as you have updated me on how your day is going. We have nestled together in bed, blinking together our mugs at tea time, and made it a daily habit to decompress together. In short, our marriage is built on a best friendship that we never took for granted. God gave us that gift of time and we soaked it up to the fullest. For that, I feel eternally thankful.

Now, we don’t have the luxury of having every waking moment to talk to each other. Our conversations ebb and flow differently. You still guard and protect me as you always have, but the context of our conversations are different now and that’s okay. I’m not afraid of our conversations being different because I know that our best friendship will sustain us until the Lord calls me home to you and Him one day.

My love, I feel thankful to be able to still speak and hear from you daily. I feel your love all around me. I feel your presence when I go to sleep at night. I mumble “good morning” to you before I peel open my eyes. And in the times when I feel like breaking down, I turn on old video clips that I have saved on our hard drive to hear that voice that won my heart 10 years ago.

Oh, bae. I hope you know that I am forever yours. Those dark eyes that have captivated my soul from the get-go are the ones that I look forward to coming home to. We always said to each other: you are my home. Home has taken on a new definition for me now. Home is now divided between the place that I am creating for our daughter to one day inherit and carry on with her husband and family, and the place that rests with the Lord…. which I long to join when it is my time.

This show asks contestants: Is love blind?

My response is: No. Lust is blind. Love is a verb. It is an action that takes hard work and commitment. It takes a desire to adapt, change, grow, and be honest with yourself and your partner. It is a journey that is cultivated through time and experience in a trusting relationship. At the center of that bond is God. Why? Because God’s language is love.

So, my amazing husband, when I say that I love you unconditionally and eternally… I mean that I love you in this life, and in the next where I pray to join you.

Forever yours,

Wifey XOXO

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