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Muddy Fingers and Wet Smiles

Hello Sweetheart,

The locals looked at us a bit funny this morning. Truthfully, I don’t blame them. There they are bustling with their morning coffee on the way to work, and kiddo and I were in the front yard squealing over worms. Yes, worms. Though we are pale as snow, they don’t know that our daughter grew up in a place that rarely rained. We were lucky if we got a couple of inches each year. Now we live in a place that has perpetual rain and kiddo is shocked beyond belief! In such a short time she has been amazed at how cold it can get in the winter. Our usual t-shirts and yoga pants suddenly aren’t thick enough to insulate us against the fall/winter bite. So, quickly I ordered us some sweatpants, sweatshirts, mittens, and winter hats to prepare for the coming snow. Yes…. SNOW!

Do you remember when kiddo begged us to take her to see snow? We both giggled as we dreamed about driving up to Tahoe over her winter birthday. Those were happy dreams, and though they never came to fruition I have no doubt you will be out there playing with us when the snow begins to fall. Will you catch snowflakes on your tongue with us? Will you cheer us on as we build a snowman together? I’m sure you will. You have always had such a warm, loving, and playful heart.

This morning as we both got wet and muddy I marveled as kiddo literally squealed helping each earthworm back to the grass. For a child who hates bugs, seeing her play with earthworms made my heart happy. Her little hands used a leaf to tenderly scoop them up and help them to where they were going. “WHOA THIS IS A BIG ONE!!” she said, letting out a triumphant roar. I belly laughed. Our fingers got muddy and it was totally worth it.

Little moments like these are what life is all about. It’s not about how much money we make…. or the things we own. It’s about the love and joy we feel with the people we love. Thank you, God, for moments like these. They make life worth living. I miss you, Sweetheart, and yearn for your touch every moment of the day. Though I know I must be patient until one day we will be together again, please know that there is never a second that I don’t wish you were here laughing, holding earthworms, snuggling, and playing with us.

Forever Yours,


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