Letters to Hubby

Two Sides of the Same Mirror

Hello Sweetheart,

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I spoke to you a couple of days ago. I could feel your presence so near and hear you in the depths of my mind. I could feel that you miss me just as much as I miss you. How could you not? We are soulmates… forever yearning to be back together again. Do you remember that children’s book called, “The Missing Piece”? In it, a circle rolls along in life looking for its missing piece. Some pieces are too big. Others are too small. And still others don’t even want to try to fit into the circle’s life. And then, just as the circle was about to give up, it found its missing piece. That is you and I, my darling. You are my missing piece.

10 years ago I was that circle and like the missing piece you came to me and asked if you could try to fill the hole in my heart. You fit perfectly. That doesn’t mean our marriage was easy. No marriage is easy. We had our fair share of up’s and downs. We had moments when we made each other cry. We learned to apologize and do better the next time. We discovered a healthier and gentler way to communicate. We grew closer and thrived. Rolling along as one unified body we enjoyed raising our daughter together. 10 beautiful years. 10 magical years. The best 10 years of my life.

And now, my love, our circle looks a bit different. You are in Heaven and as a circle I am ever so slowly shrinking. No longer do I feel a void in my heart. You filled that ages ago. Instead, I feel a loneliness to be reunited with you once more. I know my time will come one day and it will be so glorious when it does. I ache for the Lord to give me a hug and wash away the pain of my time here on earth. There has been so much heartache and sorrow. It will be replaced with an eternal peace and contentment. And when He steps aside I know that I’ll gasp because there you’ll be, and forever we will be back together again.

So, for now, it’s okay to cry in loneliness. You’re my very best friend. When I speak to you and hear you in return I know I am speaking to a mirror. We are two halves of one whole just yearning to be back together again. Our time will come, my love. Hang on, I’m on my way. I love you eternally.

Forever Yours,


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