The Story of Reggie and Lisa

This is the story about a Filipino man and a Southern woman. They came together for 10 magical years here on earth until one day everything changed. Come learn about our story.


  • At Last I’m Found

    Hello My Love, Isn’t it funny how we ask God things over and over, but He has his perfect timing for things to be revealed? For years I have asked God to show me what my purpose is. I know you remember how “adrift” I felt at times over the past 10 years. I have……

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  • Date #1: Love is Blind (Season 3)

    Hello Sweetheart, Can I just say that you’ve always been so sweet and accommodating with my desire to watch reality TV? Though you are a sci-fi kind of guy, (and yes, admittedly you got me really into the Marvel movies and Star Wars), you have been so understanding and patient as we have watched reality……

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  • Reasons to Dance Again

    Hello My Love, There are times when your presence and voice comes through so clear, and there are other times where my soul is grasping to feel you near. I’m sure this is normal. I’m just thankful that we have been able to connect at all. It is a gift from God and I am……

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  • Learning to Drive

    Hello Sweetheart, I have always loved the way your hand rests on my inner thigh as you’d drive the car. Oh, how you always knew how to take command of us and lead me where you wanted to go. With you I have always felt safe, especially in the car. You’d feel me tense up……

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